The love letter

About This Project

The love letter is one of Johannes Vermeer’s most characteristic paintings. The different depths achieved by placing the protagonists at the back of the room, as in The music lesson, allow the author to work with perspective and lighting on different levels. We once again see the yellow dress, which belonged to Vermeer’s wife, as we did in Mistress and maid, as well as other recurring themes for the author such as music, quotidian tasks, writing or the relationship between mistress and maid. The image of the ship in the painting on the wall is a reference to absent love and is a clue as to who writes the letter.

Montoya, as a true admirer of Vermeer, enjoyed the play between light and shadow in this painting, as is clear in every brushstroke of this reproduction.


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Oil on canvas


43,6 x 38 cm


Copy carried out by Montoya, private collection, Madrid


This painting can be found at the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin.

Montoya After Vermeer Collection