The art of painting

About This Project

The art of painting is probably Johannes Vermeer’s best work from a technical perspective. For many years it presided over the entrance to his workshop as a showcase of his skills both in the use of perspective and in the play between light and colour. It brings together many of the representative elements of his work such as tapestries, curtains, musical instruments or maps. 

In order to reproduce this genius work, Montoya used a completely different colour palette, leaving the light blue tones of the original aside and providing the painting with warmer orange tones. While completely respectful of Vermeer’s work, Montoya used these colours as his own particular take on this wonderful setting.


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Oil on canvas


132,5 x 110,3 cm


Copy carried out by Montoya, private collection, Madrid


This painting can be found at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna

Montoya After Vermeer Collection