Girl with a pearl earring

About This Project

Girl with a pearl earring is one of Johannes Vermeer’s most celebrated paintings. This iconic portrait, known as The Mona Lisa of the north, shares with Da Vinci’s masterpiece that ambiguous expression which is extensive to the remainder of the Delft master’s oeuvre. Unlike the women in other Vermeer paintings such as Woman with a pearl necklace, the girl in this painting wears her pearls with chaste sensuality, the peak in that combination of vice and virtue that is a recurring theme in Flemish baroque art.

Montoya made two reproductions of Girl with a pearl earring, immersed in the delicacy of the girl’s skin, her delectable gaze and the exquisite shine of her lips. In his work, Montoya used a darker background than in the original to highlight the contrast with the figure, which appears to emerge from complete darkness.


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Oil on canvas


46 x 41 cm


Copy carried out by Montoya, private collection, Madrid


Vermeer, oil on canvas, exhibited at the Royal Cabinet of Paintings Muritshuis, The Hague.

Montoya After Vermeer Collection