A lady standing at the virginal

About This Project

As with other works by Vermeer such as Woman holding a balance/span> and Mistress and maid, , the painting that hangs on the wall of A lady standing at the virginal nhelps us to interpret the ambiguous expressions hidden by the protagonists. In this case, the protagonist is looking towards the viewer as she plays notes on a virginal. The painting of Cupid holding a playing card would lead us to believe the notes played belong to a love song.

Montoya focuses on the details such as the small illustrations on the skirting board or the sky blue tone of the lady’s skin, in contrast with the warm glow of Cupid’s skin.


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Oil on canvas


53,5 x 46,7 cm


Copy carried out by Montoya, private collection, Madrid


This painting can be found at the Musée du Louvre in Paris.

Montoya After Vermeer Collection